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Wild Game Meat

Wild game meat is typically lower in fat than most store bought meats. That is because wild game is much more active than farm raised animals. Therefore, there are several health benefits to consuming wild game meat. Wild animals consume a healthy diet that consists of naturally growing foods while farm raised animals are only fed a mixture of grain and corn. While grain and corn may seem healthy, it actually contributes to the fat content in non-game animals. Therefore, it is actually healthier to eat the meat from wild game than it is to eat the meat that you buy in the store.

Store bought meat is typically processed. Wild game meat is all natural and fresh. These fresh meats have higher omega-6 fatty acid content, which is a necessity for your body's health. Farm raised animals do not contain enough of this essential type of fat since their diet consists of only grain and corn. Wild animals tend to eat more leafy greens than domestic livestock and leafy greens are a necessity for increased omega-6 fatty acid content. Therefore, individuals will gain the benefit of decreasing their saturated fat intake and increasing their fatty acid intake, which is essential for a healthy diet.

Wild game meat is generally higher in protein, yet another essential ingredient needed by your body. Grain-fed meat is higher in fat and lower in all other essential nutrients. Therefore, when you consume store bought meat, you are getting less of iron, zinc, and vitamins B12. Wild game meat, on the other hand, provides just enough of these essential ingredients to promote better health. Another benefit is that it actually tastes better than domesticated meats. Iron and zinc is a necessity, particularly for pregnant or menstruating women. Therefore, it is best to opt out of store bought meats and consider going to the local butcher where you can buy fresh game meat.

Wild game meat introduces you to a whole new world of taste. Game meat includes elk, wild bison, and deer (venison). Taking a bite of a elk burger makes you wonder why you ever consumed an all-beef burger in the first place. Game meat is much more flavorful than store bought meat. In fact, once your taste buds experience the taste of such fresh meat, you are likely to be turned off from the taste of domestic meats. Not to mention the many health benefits you will gain from wild game meat consumption.