What is the USDA?

The USDA is an agricultural department of the United States that regulated policies on farming, agriculture, and food. While the purpose of this organization is to ensure that the needs of the famer are met, they are also in charge of ensuring the safety and quality of the food that is sold to consumers. Food must pass the inspection of the USDA in order to reach store shelves. This ensures that the consumer is safe from foodborne illnesses. For example, mad cow disease is prevented by testing that the USDA oversees. In order to ensure safety and food quality, all foods must undergo testing and inspection.

The USDA was created in 1862, during Abraham Lincoln's presidency. Initially the role of the USDA was to provide education to the public about the role of agriculture, nutrition and home economics. Over the years, the USDA has turned its focus on ensuring the safety of the public by making sure they only receive the freshest quality ingredients. Poor quality foods can create several problems ranging from a downturn in consumerism and illness, which presents a significant health problem. Consumerism is important for the economy. Therefore, the USDA must guarantee quality meats and other agricultural based foods at all times.

The role of the USDA is not an easy one. There have been plenty of mistakes made over the years. However, no organization is perfect. Foods that come in from other countries and even those that are grown within our own country have provided a number of problems. Once the problem is recognized, the USDA does what they can to remove the problem, typically offering a generous apology to the public in return. Overall, what is most important is that the problems do not continue to get out of hand.

Once a problem with food is discovered, the USDA will locate the source and shut it down. The source facility must undergo the proper sterilization techniques to ensure that the problem does not happen again. After a thorough investigation, the USDA will decide if the problem could have been prevented or if it was a problem with negligence. If deemed necessary, the facility owners could be properly punished for endangering the health of the public. Therefore, the USDA is one of the most important food organizations to exist within the United States. Without the USDA, no one would know if the food that they buy was safe for consumption.